Dirt Hero

Twenty Twenty One The Pilot Season

Trucks/Driver/Co driver/Team members
1- 36 trucks and drivers plus 2 alternative trucks and drivers will be chosen by show producers and production team based on application.
2- Each truck and driver may have 1 co driver/spotter accompany him/her throughout the competition/filming. Co driver spotter must meet all production and safety criteria listed for driver.
3- Each truck and driver may have 2 additional persons accompanying them as pit crew, or vehicle mechanics. These persons will not be part of main production, unless while filming “shop time” or in background scenes
4- All persons must meet production rules and guidelines. All persons must follow all safety rules and regulations.

Comp / Show Format
1- 36 drivers and trucks will compete in one of 6 regular episodes with 6 trucks and drivers per episode, the winner of each episode will move on to the final episode.
2- Trucks and drivers will be divided into 2 groups of 3 on set, each group will be paired with one of our show hosts, to work together by means of technical advice and strategies.
3- Trucks and drivers will compete in the events gaining points for finishing order. Drivers and vehicles will be eliminated throughout the competition, drivers will be provided with a shop time break after set number of events to fix or modify vehicles for final events. Event start order will be determined at time of filming/production. Drivers will be awarded points based on time to compete each event, or progress points based on distance traveled on course.
4- After 4 events are completed, the top 3 truck and driver pairings will move on to the final or 5th course. The bottom 3 trucks and drivers will be eliminated from the competition. The truck and driver that completes the final course the fastest or progress the furthest will be declared the episode champion. Episode champion will be awarded $1500.00
5- All episode champions will be invited to compete in the finals episode for $5000.00 winner take all prize. The finals episode will take place approximately 1 month after completion of filming the 6 regular episodes. All winners are responsible to attend this event.
6- In the case that a episode winner can not attend the finals (Covid, health, travel or government restrictions) the spot will be filled by the truck and driver that finished second place or next line in the episode.
7- Finals episode will follow regular episode format. Courses may be altered, adjusted, lengthened or made more competitive.
8- All competitors are 100% responsible for all travel costs, lodging and associated costs. All teams must arrive on site no later than 4pm the day prior to filming for technical inspection and driver meeting/crew meeting. All drivers, vehicles and teams must vacate site no later than 6am the morning after filming of their episode. All teams must follow all government rules and regulations including covid protocols.
9- All drivers/teams selected to participate in competition are responsible to pay a $220.00 one time entry fee, this entry fee will cover driver and crew entry, waiver/insurance/administration/legal costs associated with driver and team including the event entry fee.
10- This is a non scripted competition. The results of the event are based 100% on the drivers and vehicle capabilities. There are no staged outcomes or results. As well this is a closed course not open to the public during filming.