Dirt Hero

Twenty Twenty One The Pilot Season

Regulations and Safety

Please read and Review all rules and regulations.

Vehicle/Truck Requirements
1- All vehicles must be or have started off as a production vehicle, American or foreign. And must resemble said make or model. No purpose built off road race vehicles, or tube frame buggy’s. Vehicles must be street driven or recreationally wheeled or used as off road. Able vehicles must maintain a portion of factory frame rail (From motor mounts to behind drivers seat min.) and factory style cab or body, Vehicle must be recognizable as original 
2- Tires, minimum off road tires measuring 33” or equivalent, to a maximum of 44” off road tire.
3- Seats and Seat belts, all trucks must have securely mounted factory or aftermarket seats in good condition. Factory seatbelts will be excepted but highly recommend 5pt seatbelt system.
4- Roll cage/roll bar, are not required with full body factory style cabs, but highly recommended. All vehicles must have doors or door bars that protect the driver.
5- All vehicle components must be securely mounted, including battery, speakers etc.
6- All vehicles must maintain factory fuel tank in factory position or properly mounted fuel cell.
7- Winch, not required but highly recommended. Events will or may require winching.
8- All vehicles must have minimum 1 D style shackle or Clevis mounted for recovery front and rear of the vehicle, rated for vehicles weight.
9- Exhaust, all vehicles mush have an exhaust system that exits vehicle behind cab, or 2’ behind drivers seats. (No open headers, or zoomie style exhaust exiting upwards or forwards from engine bay, safety tech and producers may make exemptions for turbo vehicles)
10- All vehicles must have functional brake system, park system (anti roll), or functional E brake on standard vehicles.
11- All vehicles must be leak free, (no oil covered motors or transmissions) prior to start of the event. (Weeping or minor sweating will be acceptable, vehicles to be washed prior to event)
12- All vehicles must have fluid catch cans or overflow cans for radiator.
13- Cabs and truck boxes must be free of loose items, and debris. No sled decks, fuel tanks (slip/auxiliary tanks) lose unsecured spare tires, jacks, shovels, etc.
14- Vehicles must be in good operating condition, prior to start of the event. Vehicles that are in poor operating condition will not be allowed to start the event. This includes being able to operate in four wheel drive, start without boosting, and functional forward and reverse gears.

1- Helmets, all drivers or participants are required to wear helmets during competition. Helmets must be approved by, and bear the label of, one of the following: or have a DOT label. (No "beanie' type helmets)
● Snell SA2010 or SAH2010 or SA2015
● FIA Standard 8860-2004 or 8860-2010 or 8859-2015
Primary helmet fastening must be by means of straps using D-ring buckle. No snaps or Velcro will be permitted as the primary means of securing the helmet. Snaps or Velcro may be present as a means of securing the loose ends of the helmet’s straps. The interior and exterior of the helmet must be free from defects (i.e., the padding must be in good condition and the exterior of the helmet must not be damaged).
2- All competitors shall utilize a Head and Neck Restraint System, or neck ring (or donut) that works in accordance with their helmet.
3- All competitors drivers/co driver and or spotters, must wear leather or synthetic type footwear (boots, work boots or special designed race approved foot wear) that covers the full foot, and ankle, no sandals, flip flops, or open toe shoes during the competition portion.
4- All competitors drivers/co driver and or spotters, must wear full length pants that cover from the ankle to the waistline. (Blue jeans or cargo style pants or approved race suits) no shorts, or half pants.
5- All competitors drivers/co driver and or spotters, must wear, leather or synthetic style gloves when handling tow ropes or winch lines, or out of vehicle on course.
6- All competitors drivers/co driver and or spotters, must wear, shatter resistance eye wear while competing or on course. This includes while working or repairing vehicles in pit area or garage area.

Production Rules
1- At no time shall any competitors drivers/co driver, or spotters, and participating team members display any images that may be deemed offensive or political in nature both on their person, the vehicle or on site. This includes profanity, nudity, racist symbols or flags, political images or logos or any symbols that can or may be deemed inappropriate for tv or public viewing.
2- At no time shall any competitors drivers/co driver, or spotters, and participating team members, use or post on social media or any public platform any images, writings, posts of a racist nature or extreme political nature, Prior to during and throughout the application, filming and airing process. Failure to follow this will result in drivers images to be removed for production.
3- No filming, recording, or on site pictures are to be taken without permission from the production team manager.
4- Profanity and fowl language will not be allowed, negative and derogatory remarks to competitors, staff, and production will not be tolerated.
5- Zero tolerance for the use of drugs, or alcohol prior or during the event, production and competition. (all competitors drivers/co driver, or spotters, and participating team members must be 100% free from the effects of alcohol or drugs including the use of marijuana)
6- Zero tolerance for violence, and or horse play. At no time will any individual threaten, harm or attempt to harm any individual or participant.